Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Serendipitous Rendezvous With Fate

I don't know if you believe in serendipity, the phenomenon of finding something of great value that you're not even looking for, but I have come to know that it actually happens; it's happened to me.

A number of years ago, before the turn of the millennium, I was working for worldwide billion-dollar corporation that had to make sure they were Y2K compliant, and I was put in charge. At the time, I worked at the corporate headquarters, which had a fairly good-sized campus made up of a half-dozen buildings and at least 1,400 employees. As I began my new responsibility, I personally met with each of the department heads and their people to express how much the company needed their support to successfully pull off this multi-million dollar project; and that's where I first met Bonny.

We had never met before, at least that's what we naively thought. I'm not even sure what actually brought the two of us together that day except, of course, for fate. But as we talked, we quickly discovered some similarities in our interests, especially concerning the potential of the human mind. And before either of us knew what was happening, we were meeting every day for our lunch hour to pursue where this fascination might lead to. That's when I realized that she had the uncanny ability to Travel with her mind unlike anybody else I had ever met, and I had met hundreds by that time.

Traveling is the innate, but commonly unrecognized, ability to propel the mind to any place and time (past, present, or future), and view those events with relative clarity. I've come to know for a fact that anyone can Travel, anyone with the desire to do so. But there's a wide spectrum of ability, and I've seen in my experience both ends and many of the gradient levels in between. Bonny, I discovered, is at the high end of that spectrum. I, personally, was at the low end, mostly because of my analysis paralysis, which is another story.

Over the next 3 years together, we Traveled practically every day, close to a thousand, if my calculations are correct. Most individuals couldn't handle the shear physical and emotional drain that Traveling can sometimes have on the body, but she did and usually without complaint (imagine experiencing something akin to a Past-Life Regression every day). At the beginning, I had a very long list of "curiosities," a wish list of "unsolved mysteries" that I hungered to one day solve, and before I knew it, every item on that list was crossed out and whole new lists of curiosities were being generated; it never ends!

Have you ever allowed yourself to consider that Time Travel was more than Science Fiction? Even if you did, secretly because, of course, no one would allow you to openly discuss it without mocking your beliefs and dreams, did you ever believe that the ability would be realized in your lifetime? Well, it has, and you can experience it for yourself; it's as simply as what I have come to refer to as "focused relaxation." If you want to learn how, read our ebooks or attend one of our workshops; you'll never be the same again!

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